Saturday, September 4, 2010


Where has the time gone?! How could I have not written anything in a whole week?! WOW!

It has been a great one...

I had the wonderful opportunity this week to be a coach on the Fast Track course here at the center. It was their first week, and in just one week is has been amazing to watch the students develop.  On Monday, I helped with Check-in and saw some very right-brained people and horses arrive.  I remember when I first came to the center here in Colorado with my horse in 2006. Ok, well actually I don't remember all of it. I honestly was so right brained that I do not remember arriving here, unloading my tack and horse and getting settled. It's finny because a couple people since that day have told me they remembered meeting me and talking to me that day, and I have no recollection of it at all. How interesting. It's great to see now that I have the tools and savvy to stay in the moment enough to remember right-brained moments. All it takes is time...surprise, surprise. And being aware of it I guess! 

But watching the students over the course of the week, testing them, teaching them and just talking with them has been a phenomenal opportunity. I can see how ridiculously brilliant the fast track curriculum is and can't wait to take some of the concepts from it and apply them to teaching at home. What I'm seeing from this week, in personal life and here at the ranch, that anything you want to accomplish, you must first be ready to accept the time-line. Whether it's something you want to accomplish with your horse, or something else, it's not usually on your time-line, no matter how much we'd like it to be. It's hard for us as humans to live with things we can't change and to try not to force things to happen. But with horses, we have to, and I believe, with ourselves and our own progress we have to be patient and not force results too. Ah yes, the wonderful Parelli saying, "take the time it takes and it takes less time." I've seen a lot of that this week.

All in all, obviously a great week here on campus. Learning tons and meeting awesome people. I love getting to know new students, feel their enthusiasm, and be part of their journey! Thanks everyone for allowing me to be part of your horsemanship journey. :)